everything is always changing and i am too

Hello, my name is (sir) Lyra Hill and you have reached my website. I am a multidisciplinary artist, educator, and Master of Ceremonies.

I take my life as an opportunity to love as much, as many, and as deeply as I can. To love is to focus attention with curiosity and compassion. Here, go ahead and practice on me.

photo february 2022 by hiromi ueyoshi
photo february 2022 by hiromi ueyoshi

everywhere i go is changing. where i go is changing me

Strong feelings don’t scare me. We must feel things to heal things. I create opportunities for catharsis and transformation. The audience (you) are always a part of the magic.

I host and organize Multi Cult, a ritual variety routine. At Multi Cult we make home in the unknown. We place faith in one another. We feel our feelings and we have fun. Click here to find out about upcoming shows.

when i know i am transforming, how can i let people see?

Life is truly wild, often painful and chaotic. Our capacity for grief is our capacity for joy. Powerful forces exert pressure upon us daily. It is easier sometimes to not feel at all.

It takes courage to live with feeling in the name of love. It takes a sense of humor to accept being a fool. As I grow and change, I process my thoughts and experiences in a comic strip called Pleasure Hex. Every few months I collect the strips and publish a new issue of the zine. You can read Pleasure Hex online and on paper. Click here to learn how.

More of my work is elsewhere on the internet. I don't mind if you explore:

Thank you for loving me ❤️

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