A selection of finished films, video and performance work.


Uzi’s Party, 2017, 16mm, color, sound, 30 min

In this experimental teen dramedy, five young women gather for a Ouija session and gossip, bicker and flirt until someone gets possessed.

House Fuck, 2011, 16mm, color, sound, 6 min

An erotic encounter with personal space. A lust letter to the textures of antiquity, the sensation of home, and the sounds of my radiator.


Three interstitial videos [remember / this / feeling] created to play between performances at Conversations at the Edge in April 2016.

Click here to listen to the audience responding to the directions in this.


Fool in Love, 2021, 17 min

In this expanded comix performance at Zine Not Dead 15, Lyra sings using loops and filters, questions the crowd, and rises and falls repeatedly in front of a video projection of panels from their ongoing comic Pleasure Hex.

Time and Space, 2020, 12 min

In this introductory sermon at Multi Cult 11, Lyra tells a story of rejection and revelation backed by Tyson Thurston on piano, Byron Burchard on saxophone, and spellbound audience members as flowers, animals and father.

Happy Ending, 2016, 20 min

In this multi-projector performance at Conversations at the Edge, Lyra recounts an apocalyptic dream narrative, vibrant silhouettes and 3D illustrations, with help from Hannah Kim and backed by Tyson Thurston on piano.